How I saved my clients millions in taxes, all by writing a single check

Billions of dollars are paid in taxes each year, money that could have otherwise been utilized to benefit your clients and gain yourself some more clients. Let us help you help yourself by having your clients save some tax. We at Ally Capital Management deal with real estate syndication providing your clients with all the benefits of owning real estate without the hassles of property management. This includes regular income, positive cash flow and capital appreciation.

However the major benefit that investors enjoy with us are a multitude of tax saving features inbuilt in our structured investments and available to all our investors unlike REITs. Some of them are as follows:

Passive Income

Income that is not taxed at the marginal tax rate but instead protected under several deductions leading to a lower effective tax rate, all of which is achieved without spending money on qualified expenses.


As real estate owners, you can claim depreciation on the invested properties against income from those properties. With 2017 Tax Cuts and JOBS Act, one can claim deductions upfront instead of spreading them out resulting in paper losses for tax offset while having strong cash flows from the underlying properties. Syndication properties tend to be around for 5-10 years only after which they are generally sold making this a beneficial activity

Mortgage Interest Deduction

Investors can claim deductions on the mortgage interest paid on the syndicated properties. This is another upfront deduction beneficial to syndicate investors for their short term holding period.

No Self Employment Tax

Real Estate Syndication provides for a regular monthly income similar to a side business or freelancing but without the need to pay self-employment tax.

Carryover Losses

With the initial deductions on both depreciation and mortgage interest being quite high in the initial period, there is often surplus loss left after adjusting for income which can be carried over to next year which will again save taxes.

Having your clients invest with us at Ally Capital Management in real estate syndication is a win-win scenario for both you as CPAs and your clients as investors. Your clients enjoy a regular income, tax saving benefits and capital appreciation from real estate.